Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free Online Shelter Mags

One of my favorite pastimes is visiting bookstores. I could spend hours in them. My husband and I can usually be found hitting them up on our weekly dates. The magazine racks are one of my favorite spots. So many cool publications that you can't find in the checkout line. However, our activity usually is limited to browsing only. I do buy from time to time from the racks and have my favorites in subscription. But wouldn't it be cool to have access to some FREE mags?

There are more and more online shelter mags. They flip just like real magazines but won't end up in stacks on your nightstand or the recycling bin. And most of them are free for readers. Cool!

Here's my list:

Lonny Magazine

 By Fryd Magazine
 Covet Garden Magazine
 Rue Magazine

 Sweet Paul Magazine

Check them out- I like them all but I am really liking the Covet Garden's take.  They highlight just one space and then branch off in all directions from there giving you the inside scoop in the creators of the space.

Do you have any other favorites?

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