Monday, August 02, 2010

Quote of the Week

Hi! How was your July? Did it fly by as fast as mine did?  Crazy.  I found this quote the other day and love it.  I am in the middle of doing something I never thought I could do.  In January, my husband and I signed up to run a marathon the first weekend in October.

I had never run a 10k much less a marathon before. My running consisted of maybe a mile or two every so often. My family is full of seasoned marathon runners and I always kind of wanted to try it. But I was really scared. This year we just decided to find a training program that took you from beginner to marathon and give it a go.

Last weekend, we went 14 miles. I should feel happy about that. It was so hard and it is only about 1/2 of what I will have to run! AHHH! But I am going to look this thing in the face and do it. The countdown begins. The second week October seems like far away but when you break it down into weeks and building up the long runs--- it's coming too fast! "Do the thing" just might become my mantra for the next little while.

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