Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Use: Paperback to Hardbound

A. MAZE. ING idea from Ohdeedoh! Learn how to [refurbish an old worn out paperback] and turn it into a custom made hardbound edition.  So cool. The instructions on their site have you print directly from your printer onto fabric that you've taped to cardstock.  If that makes you nervous, you could also use ink jet iron on transfer sheets, printable fabric, or any other fabric printing method.

Second hand paperback books are easy to come by but the covers are usually not in great shape. You could use this method to create a custom collection for someone as a gift.  Look online and find vintage graphics and create alternative covers for your favorite series like these ones created by [M.S. Corley].  Cool, right?  Check out the [Good Look Cookbook] blog if you need some design ideas- lots of font and art suggestions that would make great book covers. 

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