Monday, August 09, 2010

Mini Print: Prayer Changes Me

This is a smaller version of the art I made for the Blogher 10 Voices of the Year Awards Gala. I was assigned a post by Alex of the blog Late Enough.  The theme of the post being her transition into prayer and coming to understand how prayer works in her life.

When I read and re-read the post for ideas of how to portray it as a print, I kept coming back to the idea of transformation.  She writes that although things around her didn't really change, her perception was shifting, and in that- prayer was changing her.

I couldn't help but think of the butterfly effect theory- that small changes create a sort of chain reaction that can lead to big differences long term.  I think that maybe prayer is a lot the same. Yes, prayer changes us as individuals. But maybe in that changing, because of that changing, we begin something that can't help but influence those around us.

Being that the butterfly is a symbol for change and transformation, I thought the graphic representation would be a perfect fit.  As you can see in the print, one butterfly is highlighted, representing the personal change prayer can produce. But that butterfly is also connected to many others that will also share that influence.

I have re-sized the print as a 5x7 for your personal use. To download and print the art, just option-click (mac) or right-click (pc) here on the [Prayer Changes Me] link. Then you can save a printable pdf version to your desktop and print it out for your own home use.

The original is created as an 18x24 print and is available for purchase through the Blogher Gulf Auction where all proceeds go to a charity to clean up the Gulf of Mexico.  The auction should go live in a couple days and you'll be able to bid on the print then.  Thanks for your support. It's a great cause and was a fun project.  I appreciate the chance to participate.

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