Friday, August 20, 2010

Housekeeping & Etiquette Archeology

You know I love vintage.  But one of my favorite vintage finds are old etiquette and housekeeping books. Some things written on the pages are so funny! It feels like housekeeping archeology- unearthing some of the tips and techniques of past generations.

I think it'd be fun to share some things from these books every now and again here on my blog.  Some of them are just for fun. I can't promise they'll work and some of them I may be afraid to try- I just read some hilarious advice on how to please a man :) But anyway, look for these posts from now on under the Housekeeping & Etiquette Archeology title and tag. I'll write the tips verbatim from the books & put my commentaries underneath in italics if I have them.

Here's a few for today:

*Friendliness to merchants pays dividends. Shopper who gains confidence of grocer and butler can tell him her budget problems. To keep you a loyal customer, he will look for good items you can afford and give you first choice on bargains. Your butcher, too, know many ways of preparing inexpensive meat cuts and will gladly impart his "know-how."

What do you think? Would this work now?

*Food shopping with minimum effort usually means one large shopping trip a week and a second one for fill-ins. By planning entire week's menu in advance, it's often possible to buy large quantity of one inexpensive item and use it in several forms during the week. If some foods, such as pot roast, have risen in price since the previous week, substitute a less expensive meat.

I don't think I've ever bought or cooked a pot roast.

*Gloves were made to be worn, not to carry. Wear gloves, even if the supermarket is only around the corner. Keep a pair of gloves in  our car pocket to were when you drive. Since cold, close fitting gloves are too easy to push aside, settle for warm, flexible wool knits that fingers ike to wriggle into, in which palms have ample room and you are cozily content.

They mean other than winter, right? I have a picture in my head of a grocery store full of white glove wearing women. HeHe! Would wearing gloves around town ever come back into style do you think?

These tips are from the book The Encyclopedia of Household Hints and Dollar Stretchers by Michael Gore

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