Thursday, July 01, 2010

Blog Share: Dottie Angel

Always good for a vintage, thrifty, handmade fix- Dottie Angel is a good read. And she has chickens. I want chickens. Oh, and I just found a vintage thermos set just like the one in that picture. Happy! Check it out.

Isn't that a great picture? Looks like a mini vacation spot you could have in your own backyard. Reminds me of my grandmas house. At family parties when I was a girl, we'd pull out a bunch of her quilts and play with vintage barbies under a big pine tree with all my girl cousins.  There'd usually be homemade ice cream churning away. My grandpa would be manning it, know just when it was perfect, and serve it up to all of us anxious kids.  I loved that.

P.S. Have you checked out the Good Look Cookbook lately? Last Friday I posted a blog design inspired by a vintage juice bottle label. It's so much fun.

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