Monday, June 21, 2010

Quote of the Week

I love this quote! Life is a lot like a journey at sea. Lots of nice calm days and lots of storms to ride out. I like the idea that I consented to leave the safety of the shore to reach a new land.  Reminds me of when as a newly married couple, by husband and I packed our little car and drove off to law school. I had never lived this far away from my family for an extended period of time and it felt like I was really pushing off from the shore and heading into uncharted waters. I think I cried for the first hour or two of the journey.

We were wait listed at one school and accepted at another. My husband REALLY wanted to go to the wait listed school but the other one started a few weeks earlier. We drove to the first school and enrolled. But we planned on packing up in a few weeks and heading to the new school so we didn't want to make any housing arrangements. We camped in the KOA while my husband started school.  He'd study his books by Coleman lantern at night, careful not to mark his books since we were sure he'd just be returning them.

I'd hang out at the campground or go in with him to campus. After a few weeks passed, we found out he didn't get in to the wait listed school.  We were heartbroken and felt like we really were lost at sea. Some kind people we met in church took us under their wing and were horrified that we'd been camping that whole time. They invited us to stay with them until we found somewhere to live. They were a lifeboat to us and we will never forget their kindness.

We ended up finding an apartment and moved in with the contents of our little car. We had a blue folding camp table, a borrowed foam pad, a camp cook set and a few bags of clothes and camp supplies. The rest of our belongings were back home waiting to be shipped to us via freight when we had settled in a place.  When we realized we were staying and not moving on to the other school, we sent for our stuff and waited. We slept on that foam pad, cooked with our camp dishes and chopped veggies with a pocket knife in an empty apartment for another month until our shipment arrived. What a great day that was! It felt so amazing to unpack dishes, sleep in an actual bed, and have the rest of our belongings with us.

What we didn't know then, is that this experience early on in our life together would start us off on a grand adventure and shape our relationship. We ended up LOVING the school, the town, & our neighborhood. We loved this new land we had discovered. Three years later, when it was time to move on again, I was better prepared for the journey ahead and a little sad to see that experience end.

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