Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Trails

Part of the Evo Conference last weekend was a closing western themed party sponsored by Bush's Beans and Park City Mountain Resort.  We had a blast! If you haven't been to Park City Resort lately, it's great family fun. The Alpine slide and new Alpine coaster are so fun. My littlest guy is three and he yelled WOOHOO the whole way down.

There is also a zip line, which we didn't go on- the line was longer than we had time for. But it looked so fun. Everyone coming down had huge smiles on their faces. There's also a climbing wall, a jumpy-bungee thing, and a few of smaller rides for the littles.

There was dancing at the end of the night and my little guy is quite the dancer. He REALLY wanted to get on the dance floor but was scared of all the ladies. So he threw a move or two then would run back to me. He cracks me up.

I love family activities like this. It's great to just play and have fun with the kids- breathes freshness into family relationships I think.

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