Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Fun

Summer is coming and most kids are getting out of school. Summer seemed like it lasted forever when I was a kid- playing all day, and AFTER dinner with the neighborhood kids, trips, activities, & sunny days spent in outside forts.

I lived in a pretty great place growing up. We were kind of secluded and had our own little community with a neighborhood council.  On the last day of school, all the moms in the neighborhood would set up a big party at a common grassy area where our bus let off.

We'd get off the bus to find treats, games, and one neighbor even hand painted rock sculptures to look like all the kids graduating elementary school. We looked forward to that big summer kick off party every year.

For us, with year round school, summer is a bit different. All the neighbors have different schedules. But still want to make summer fun and memorable for my kids. I was happy that Mique of 30 Handmade Days asked me to participate in her post series "Funner in the Summer." She has a lot of fun posts lined up with ideas from a ton of great bloggers.

My post is featured today. I wrote about one of the ways we try to make summer special.  I also created a downloadable PDF summer calendar that you can print off and use. You can check out my post and download the calendar [HERE].

After you go over there and download the calendar, come back here and you can download this little something extra for my readers- a matching sheet that you can use to list all your summer activity ideas on before you schedule them on your calendar. Just option click (mac) or right click (pc) on the previous link to download the file to your desktop.

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