Monday, May 10, 2010

Mini Print: Why Not Now

This thought has been running through my head lately. Do you have a list of somedays? You know, someday when my kids are grown I will... or someday when we have enough money we will... or someday when we live in our dream house...

I have them.  And I am sick of having them. Life is too good and too short to waste on the somedays. I've started telling myself "Why Not Now." Why not just put the darn laundry away right now, instead of when it's all over my room. Why not use my smallish backyard for a bigger garden right now, instead of waiting until we have "more property." Why not use the good dishes right now, instead of waiting for special occasions. Why not paint that room or hang those pictures or change that light fixture right now, instead of waiting until you move to fix things up? Why not spend some time on the things that matter right now, instead of cramming them in as an afterthought.

I made this mini print to remind me.  Can you hear me chanting this to myself? Especially when it comes to LAUNDRY.  Anyway, if you'd like a copy, right-click (pc) or option-click (mac) to download the [Why Not Now] print for your own personal use.  Or if you'd prefer a grey only version click [HERE].

What somedays on your list are you finding ways to make happen right now?

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