Monday, April 12, 2010

Mini Print: Clouds, Showers, & Flowers

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. It is stormy and cloudy here today. Again.  I thought a little mini print was in order to remember that it's the occasional (enough already) storms in life that make us appreciate the sunny days.

If you'd like this 5x7 [Clouds, Showers, & Flowers] mini print for your own personal use,  just option click (mac) or control click (pc) on the link and it will download to your desktop. Print it out on card stock, trim it, and pin it up or frame it. I use the Ribba frame from Ikea for my mini prints and love how they look. 

Yesterday, my triplets put on a "dance show" for my husband and me. The worked on it all day together. It was full of skipping, twirling, hugging, and smiling. I cried. To say that these fair daughters have been a challenge is an understatement. To see them in such a pure, happy, and carefree moment just about did me in. I am so grateful.

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