Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vintage Clipboard Project Wall

One of the things I look for at vintage/thrift shops are old clipboards. We use them for a lot of different things around the house and we have one for each of our kids to use as a lap desk on long car trips (add a little pencil or crayon pouch and tie it to the hole in the clip). 

I also used some to make this project wall.  It's right next to my sewing table and I intended to clip fabric swatches and other items together. However, it's become a sort of revolving inspiration board where I put scraps of things that spark an idea for a craft or other project I want to complete. They are just on small picture hooks so I can take them down and easily add new clippings.

If you are not a thrifter- you can make this with new clipboards too. Just make sure you get the kind with a top hole to allow you to hang them up.

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