Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Family Franchise: Family Money

This is the last post in my family franchise series. If I ever think of more things to post about under this topic, I'll use the tag.  But- they probably won't be as regular. Thanks for all the fun comments about these projects.

The last family franchise tip is to create a family currency and a family store for your family. We've tried a lot of motivational things over the years for our kids. But as our kids are getting older, it all comes down to money. I had some family money printed up, similar to the one above. When the kids complete their assignments the can earn our family money.

I still use the morning, afternoon, and evening jobs from our Spinner Wheel.  But instead of pegs and spins, the kids just collect the family money from me when their jobs are passed off. 

We have bins of prizes, treats, iTunes downloads, etc...  everything is priced differently. Every week or so we will open our store. The kids can either spend their family money on items in our store or they can turn them in for cash. We do 10 cents for every card.

I customized our family money with our family logo and motto. But I made a generic [family money printable pdf] if any of you wanted to try it out.  Right click (pc) or option click (mac) on the link to download for personal use.

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