Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cheater Sewing: Hot Pad First Aid Kit

These first aid kits are filled with a few supplies like bandages, antibiotic ointment, pain reliever, etc. to keep in your purse or car.  My Aunt Liz made these for our family about 10 years ago. I loved mine but it was getting a little ratty.

You'll need a hot pad, some ribbon or string for the loop (if your hot pad already has a loop on the side you can skip this), 4 to 6 resealable bags, and a button (which I cropped out of the photo- oops).

Step One: Fold and/or iron your pad in half to find the center. Stagger the bags on top of each other- alternating the zip tops to the left and right.  Center them on your hot pad. You may want to tape the edges of the piles down onto the pad so they don't slide around.

Step Two: Sew it all together down the center seam.  It can get kind of slippery with the plastic but my machine did well going slow.

Step Three: Sew on your loops. If your hot pad already has a loop on this side you are in luck and don't have to do this!  Also, I sewed mine to the inside of the hot pad. You could sew it to the outside and it'd be tighter.

Step Four: Sew a button onto the opposite front side- make sure you find a button that your loop will fit around. And make sure you position it to where your loop can reach.

Step Five: Trim the excess on the bags and the stray strings.

That's it! You could also use this idea for a small sewing kit, art kit, etc.

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