Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Home after my own heart

You've got to check out this [home tour from Making Chicken Salad]. I love the mix of vintage, thrifted, modern, and handmade! I remember when I decided to just embrace my craziness and stop trying to make my house look like my parents. Not that there is anything wrong with my parents house. It's beautiful. But I used to try and match their style on my budget. Didn't work so well.

I finally decided that instead of being embarrassed by my non-show room worthy house, I would be grateful for every scratched up, mismatched, handmade or thrifted item.  Slowly I felt my attitude and preferences shifting, and now I LOVE it! Even if I could afford that show room home, I wouldn't change it.

I love the time it takes to find unique things. I love making something we need out of something we already have. I love mixing up all the styles I love and putting it together in a way that works for our family. I love that it's a work in progress and I hope it's never "complete."

How about you? What makes your home your own?

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