Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Family Franchise: The Motto

Here's a little game. I'll give you a phrase, you figure out to which company it belongs.

1.  Just do it

2.  The happiest place on earth

3.  Snap, Crackle, Pop

4.  It does a body good

5.  They're grrrrreat!

6.  I'm lovin' it!

7.  Built for the road ahead

8.  Oh, thank heaven for _____

9.  Have it your way

10.  The family company

How did you do? I'll give you the answers at the end of this post.  Chances are you got most of them right. Most companies have a slogan, motto, or mantra that helps define their company. Often it is used internally to rally employees.  Other times it is used as a branding positioner to help potential customers get a feel for the company.

Families can have a motto too. Something that you say to your kids or spouse and it reminds everyone of who you are as a family. Think of what you wrote in your plan, or put in your vision board. Can you boil it down to a short phrase?

We decided ours would be this: Choose Happy-Do Happy-Be Happy OR Choose-Do-Be for short.  We say it to our kids all the time and they know what it means.  It's a great little reminder.  My family had one growing up- it was "One heart. One mind." We all knew what it meant and I still think about it. It brings back memories of all of us sitting around the table while my mom and dad taught us. 

What can you do with your family motto? Stamp it into jewelry for each member, create a self inking stamp to put on notes and letter to your kids, create a vinyl wall decal, or just annoy your kids with it all the time like we do. He He Ha Ha!

Really though, we hope that it will be something they remember now and after they are out on their own. Even if they remember nothing else we tell them.

The answers:  1. Nike 2. Disneyland 3. Rice Krispies 4. Milk 5. Frosted Flakes 6. McDonalds 7. Ford 8. 7-11 9. Burger King 10. Johnson & Johnson

P.S. Did you notice the name of the post series has changed? I was talking to some lovely ladies at a [Startup Princess] event and one of them suggested this name. I loved it and think it better describes what these posts are about. Thanks [Tara]!

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