Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Family Franchise: The Flag

I love the idea behind Tibetan Prayer Flags.  Prayers for luck, happiness, longevity, and prosperity are printed on cotton flags and hung for the wind to carry the prayers to whomever needs them.

Growing up, we had a big family flag that my parents designed. We all made it together as a family and brought it out on special occasions. I like the idea of using the Tibetan Prayer Flags as a model would be a wonderful way to make this idea a bit more modern.

DIY directions to make buntings are all over the web.  It's really easy. Use scraps of fabric in any shape- no hemming or turning inside out required. I like the rectangular shape and frayed edges of the Tibetan Prayer Flags for this project.  Just cut or rip out your desired amount of squares then use stamps, screen print, iron-on transfers, or even a fabric pen to add your family logo & other designs or text that symbolize your hopes and wishes for your family. You could add journaling, old photos, poetry... the options are endless.

Sew them all together onto a ribbon or string with your sewing machine or even glue them onto a ribbon with permanent fabric glue to make a bunting. Hang it in your home or outside in good weather for the good wishes of your family to be carried on the wind.

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