Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Family Franchise

As you know, I am a graphic designer. As such I work with a lot of businesses that are just starting out or wanting to start over in their branding.  I help them put their ideas and visions for their companies into a visual representation.  In the hopes that the solution will encourage brand recognition and a sense of community within the organization.

I've watched as clients work on revision after revision in their business plans, operations manuals, logos, packaging, etc... all to make sure the best possible outcome occurs. A lot of foundational work goes into the creation of a successful business.

A few years ago I started to think about my home life and how sometimes it seemed random as to how we were raising our kids.  Up until that point, we had never really sat down and figured out who were were as a family and what we wanted our family to be beyond our basic religious training. We were  haphazardly mixing my husbands upbringing with mine and whoever happened to speak up first was usually what we did.

I decided that it was a bit out of whack that I would spend so much time figuring how to build up businesses but I would gave so little thought to the running of my home and building up my family. Since then, my husband and I have worked together to create OUR way of doing things. This is an ongoing process for us and some things we've tried haven't worked well or for very long. But others have.

I thought I'd share some of these ideas in a series of posts called "The Family Franchise." I will try to post something in this series each Wednesday until I run out of ideas or things to say :) I'd love to get your thoughts and feedback on the topics each week.   Come back next Wednesday for the first official post. Of course I'll still be be posting quotes, mini-prints, vintagey, thrifty, crafty goodnesss on other days.

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