Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Family Franchise: The Plan

Most entrepreneurs write a business plan for their start up.  This is the document that helps explain what the business is and what they hope to become to potential investors. Writing a business plan is an important step for new business owners because it forces them to take their Big Idea and put it into a workable plan.

The first part of a business plan is called an Executive Summary- a general overview of the company. After that there are usually sections covering everything from financial needs and projections to demographics of potential customers to comparisons of the competition.

You can take the ideas covered in a business plan and make something similar to help your home run more smoothly. For example, the executive summary could become a mission statement for your family. Take a look at your Big Idea Family Vision Board and put it into words.

After you have written your family mission statement, you can then create a section for each area of your family life and write about what you plan or hope to do.  This is an editable document so don't be scared to just start. It's not something that is carved out of stone and can't ever be changed. It's just a way of talking about what you want and putting it down to reference later. You can add, change, delete or move stuff around as you grow together or find things that work better for you.  So, get a notebook and just start talking and writing.

In our plan we have a section for general things up front then we go month by month and describe what we will do together as a family. Of all the crazy ideas we've had in our married life together, this has been on of the best. We pull out our notebook all the time to get a refresher on what we wanted to do during a month or how we thought we'd handle this or that.

Some ideas to consider writing about in your plan:

Bedtime routines and rituals
Traditions for each holiday
Weekly and monthly teaching topics
Vacations you want to go on each year
How you will discipline your children
Who pays the bills
How are finances handled
Religious beliefs and how you will practice them
Home maintenance and cleaning schedule
Social calendar and having friends over
Political and community involvement
Decor styles you like
Sports and events you'd like to participate in or attend

Some places for ideas:

Mrs. Sharp's Traditions
Simple Mom Money Management
Blissfully Domestic Community Involvement
Monthly Teaching Topics
Kid Friendly Vacations
Home and Family
Home Maintenance Schedule

Happy Writing!

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