Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Family Franchise: The Manual

Businesses create operations manuals to help things run smoothly for managers and employees. Typically they include every aspect of the business that needs to be done. If someone were to franchise the business, it would ensure that it operates the same at every location.

You can create an operations manual for your home in the same way.  Often called a Home Management Binder- this manual contains all the information you need to successfully run your home.  When putting together your manual, remember your plan from last week and try to make sure that your ideas from last week are showing up in your plans for day to day living. 

1. Find a binder, file box, or other container to keep your information handy- cute [Oilcloth Binder Cover] by RBT Bags,  Awesome [Mini File Box] with tabs made from vintage record covers by Freestyle Gifts.

2. Print out checklists or planners to write on for the binders or write on 3x5 cards for the mini file boxes. Check out all the free printables available from [Organized Home].

3. Gather information. What do you want to keep in your binder? Some ideas of what to include:

•Babysitter Checklist
-Names, ages, birthdays of members of the household
-Street address
-Phone numbers
-Emergency contacts
-Neighbors phone numbers

•Home Cleaning/Maintenance Schedules
•Menu Plans
•School Schedules/Times/Drop-off Locations
•Lessons/Practice Times/Locations
•Emergency Shut Off Locations- Gas, Water, Electric
•Medical Information- Doctors, Dentists, Insurance
•Car Maintenance Schedule/Insurance Info
•Price Book
•Shopping Lists/Pantry Inventory/Freezer Inventory

4. Assemble your manual.

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