Friday, November 13, 2009

New Use: DIY Cake Stands

Mix and match vintage plates with glass candlesticks or glasses for a super cute and easy cake stands of all sizes.

You'll need:

•A plate (as flat as possible)
•A glass dish or goblet with a smooth rim big enough to support your plate-you'll be turning them upside down. For the smaller stand in the photo, I used a sundae dish and it's cute but the ridges make it wobbly. So make sure your rim is smooth.
Liquid Nails Adhesive  I've only made them with this and it works great. If you've made these and know of another adhesive, let me know.

The really easy directions:

•Wash and dry your plate and glass.
•Turn it over on a towel so the bottom is facing up.
•Turn your glass over so the bottom is facing up.
•Apply a thin bead of adhesive about 1/4 of an inch around the bottom of the glass.
•Find the center of the plate and stick the glass to it- wiggle it around till the adhesive thins out and most of the bubbles are gone. Try not to let the adhesive leak out past the bottom of the glass.
•Let dry, flip over, add cake!


You can get crazy with these and stack them up to make a tiered cake using smaller glasses, plates, tea cups...

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