Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cheater Sewing Placemat Pencil Roll

I see things around that real seamstresses and seamsters make I have sewing envy. My parents gave me a sewing machine for Christmas my senior year of college. I used it to peg my jeans, hem skirts shorter, you know- those important wardrobe things in the 90's.

I have never been great at following patterns or directions. I sort of just sew as I go. However, once for Christmas I sewed my new husband 4 vests to wear to work. I had to call my mom and ask her what things like bias, interfacing, & seam allowance meant. I was really surprised when the vests actually turned out! I wonder why he never wore them.  Hummm.

Anyway, you have to have patience to sew. That's hard for me. I want my projects DONE NOW! Because of this I am always looking for short cuts and cheater ways to make stuff.

I'm sure  you've seen all kinds of amazingly cute and fancy crayon and pencil rolls floating around the internet. This is my cheater version that uses... PLACEMATS!

So to make this pencil roll you will need:

1. A regular size placemat- reuse ones you already have that maybe aren't a set anymore, check out the dollar store, thrift shops, or wherever you shop. I got this Dwell Studio placemat on clearance at Target for about 1.50

2. Some ribbon or twine or something to tie it all up with.  About 36 inches worth.


Measure 5 inches up from the bottom (long side) and press. You don't have to worry about wrong side/right side- just pick whatever side you want facing out.


Fold your ribbon in half and sew it into the right side of the placemat. Sew up the left side too.


Measure 1 inch pockets all the way down. I marked 1 inch down both sides and drew a line with a pencil to follow. Sew your pockets along the lines you just drew. Back stitch the start and stop of the seams.  Trim threads.


Fill it up, roll  it up, and you are done!

Easy and cute right? You could make this also really easy 3 Seam Book Cover to match and fill it with a sketch or blank book or journal. That and the pencil roll together would be such a cute gift!

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