Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To my Grandpa

Grandpa, I will miss you. A few months ago on the porch swing at the cabin, we started talking about the past. You were telling me about your father and grandfather. You mentioned old friends and loved ones long gone. I thought to myself, "You must miss them dearly."  I thought of how much I love my father and you, my grandfather, and I got a little teary eyed thinking about when I would have to say goodbye to you.

Happy. Strong. Capable. Loving. Humble. Funny.

Little did I know that it would be soon.  Sooner than anyone would have thought. Just a few weeks ago you were out on the golf course- one of your favorite places to be, trying out your new golf gear. Just a few weeks ago you were out on Bear Lake- another favorite place, riding a wave runner, singing camp songs around the fire, and riding four wheelers up and down the beach. Just a few weeks ago you were excited for the start of the football season and the chance to watch your favorite team, the Utes, play.  Just a few weeks ago you took all of the older cousins out on the annual grandparents dinner.

You lived life to it's fullest. Throughout your life, you were challenged and able to survive incredible things. You were hospitalized three or four times with life threatening illnesses you always came out strong and happy and ready for more living.  You survived your time at war and helped others do the same through your service. You survived hard economic times as well as tests to your spirit and will.

A few weeks ago, your strong heart and even stronger will were put to the test once again.  True to your nature, you fought and pressed on as much as you possibly could.  This time however, your will was given over to God's will. Your heart finally claiming it's rest.

You were a kind and loving grandfather. Always quick with a smile, a hug, a tease. You and grandma have raised an incredible family. Of which I am so grateful to be a part. I don't know of many families as large as ours that are as close as ours.  You always tried to blame grandma for all the activities- but we all know that you loved them just as much.

Grandpa, I know I will see you again. My faith assures me of this. But while I'm here without you, I will think about you. I will hear your voice in my head. I will tell my children about you. I will teach them your Swedish songs and funny sayings.  I will show them your pictures and makes sure they understand the legacy that you leave.

I'm grateful for that day I shared with you in the mountains. I believe you are happily meeting all those who you have longed to see. And one day, I can meet them too. Thank you for being my Grandpa. I love you. 

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