Friday, August 21, 2009

Kids room lights

This was the ceiling of my boys room about 6 years ago. They had an adventure theme with maps and globes and retro travel posters. I made a compass for the ceiling to go around the light fixture. I used light weight foam board & craft paint and cut out the shapes. I stuck it up there with double sided foam tape. You can see in the picture one of the corners started to come off. I had to add a bit more tape in a few places. If I did it again, I would use the Command picture hanging strips. I love those.

Now, it's starting to look pretty sad. We are missing a few of the pointers and a few of the directions. Time for a new idea I guess.

You could use this same idea to create a flower, sun, or anything else around your kids light fixtures. You can also buy glass paint now and could paint right on the cover itself. If you didn't want to free hand something, you could probably tape your design to the inside of the light cover and trace it on the outside with paint. Those light covers are pretty inexpensive so you could change them easy if you get sick of your design.

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