Thursday, August 06, 2009

Goodbyn Lunchbox


Have you seen this new cool divided lunchbox? I think this is such a smart idea! Last year I decided enough was enough with all the plastic lunch bags we were going through every day. I have looked for something else to do. I have been using just the Rubbermaid divided containers. They work okay. There are only two compartments and the lid allows for liquid items to move around in the container. I once packed applesauce in one and a sandwich in the other and my kids had to buy lunch that day.  By the time they were ready to eat it was just a mess of applesauce all over everything.

I have loved that I don't use a million little plastic baggies everyday though.  I saw these and think they'd be perfect! I like them because there are lots of compartments and the lid is indented for each compartment so it will seal in the more liquid-y food.

What do you think? One downside for me is the expense- about $30 each. I'm also afraid my kids would lose them or leave them at school and the replacement cost would make them even more expensive. But maybe the uniqueness would keep them more on their mind? Wishful thinking?

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