Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Easy 3 Seam Bookcovers


What is the trick? It's made with fabric napkins! It's so easy and fast to sew. Besides- there are some great designs for napkins and usually they are pretty cheap. These bookcovers fit most standard size paperback books. You can be mysterious and not let anyone know what you are reading.  Ha Ha!
Want to make some? Here is what you need:

1. A standard size fabric napkin (about 20" x 20")
2. A bit of iron-on fabric stabilizer (about 20" x 10")
3. A heavy weight needle and thread
4. A matching ribbon

First step: iron your napkin.


Next, flip it over to the wrong side and iron the stabilizer to the bottom half of the napkin.

Next, fold the napkin in half right sides together and sew down the long side. Trim the excess and clip the edges.

Now turn it right side out and press flat.

Easy so far, right? Now pick whatever side of the napkin you want to face out. I chose the side with the little bird.  Now measure in 3 3/4 inches from either side, fold and pin. Add a bit of ribbon to the top middle for a bookmark and pin.

Now sew the folds closed along the top and bottom making sure to catch the ribbon bookmark. This is where you need the heavy duty thread and needle.  It's a bit thick on the bottom with the previous seams.

Ta-da! All done! You put the book cover into the bottom pocket on each side.  You can use the top pocket to slide in note cards, post-its, or other note taking supplies.


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