Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The big one that got away

I went fly fishing and caught a fish! It was huge. An epic struggle to get it in.... just kidding. Really the fish was quite small. And I can't officially count it because I was failing the casting and the guide came to show me again, cast the line then and handed me the rod.  About two seconds later, there was a bite. I did reel it in though and I actually held it.  My brothers and dad would be so proud of me.

Those of you who know me know that I don't like to eat fish. Of any kind. But I have to say- being out on the river, and trying to catch them was pretty fun! Holding it was kind of slippery. But, it was pretty and had little specs of brown and orange all over it. I thought to myself.  "Hi little fishy, I like your spots." Then it got to go back in the river to swim away. I would really love to go again. It was really a beautiful location and even though we weren't there long, it was really peaceful. I liked it!

I got to go fishing thanks to an invite by April of Sweet Life in the Valley.  She put together a retreat for some local bloggers and I was so happy to be there. Amazing fun. The event was held at Soldier Hollow and our guide was from Rocky Mountain Outfitters.  Soldier Hollow has all kind of trails and outdoor activities (it's where some of the 2002 Olympic activities were held in Midway, Utah). Rocky Mountain Outfitters has some amazing adventures available too.  Horseback riding, wagon/sleigh rides, guided fly fishing excursions, and snowmobile tours.  It's so beautiful up there. I really want to take my family back for some other of the activities.

After fishing we had a great dinner and my goodness some great giveaways and swag.  I am not used to this kind of thing. It was like trick or treating for adults.  We were given a bag and then the sponsors of the event passed out samples and products as well as held giveaways.

I won some mineral makeup by KT Naturals.  I'm excited to give it a try. A few of my other favorite things in the gift bag were the DoTerra essential oils, the Yes to Carrots lip tint, the Badger Balm & the M2 Skin Care.  Fun stuff!

But the best part was meeting new people. I was able to meet a lot of fun bloggers- many of whom I already read & others that were new to me.  I am excited to feature some of them in upcoming Blog Share posts. There are so many fun, creative, and talented people in the world. I love it!

The whole event was documented by Jennifer at Fotohok Photography. She was great! Thanks for the fun event April!

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