Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog Share: StephModo

Sometimes I dream in french. It's strange because in my waking state I don't really remember much of the language. I learned french in college then took advantage of a work program through my university to work and live in Switzerland for a summer semester.

I lived with a wonderful host family and worked at a place called Migros- where I worked half the time as a cashier and the other half in a flower shop. Life changing. Amazing. Oh, the stories I have. Maybe I'll share them here every know and again. Anyway, I remember thinking I knew french but as soon as I stepped off the plane I realized I would be starting at square one almost. Panic set in.

By the end of my time there- I could understand and converse pretty well & I had the opportunity with my roommate to travel to surrounding countries and places. In my dreams I am walking those streets, talking with those people, & seeing those sites.  I'd love to go back sometime and take my husband. Until then, I follow a bunch of french blogs and dream. 

One of my favorite blogs is StephModo.  You probably know it.  But just in case- you've got to check it out. Stephanie lives here in my hometown, but with her husband bought and is right now renevating a home in Beynac, France- small children in tow.  I know. Seriously!

Check out her blog for style, cooking, and all around amazing things.
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