Thursday, June 04, 2009

Renovations Underway

Pardon the chaoticness of my blog as of late.  I am trying to re-do some things behind the scenes and it's taking longer than I thought.  What do you think of this layout with the blog posts on the left and the extra info in two columns on the right? I wanted to try something different but I'm not sure if I am sold on it yet. I may go back to the post in the center.  Thoughts?

In case you are missing the monthly themes... I've now posted an entire year's worth. We keep the same theme every year.  My kids look forward to each theme and are starting to remember what the monthly theme is and some of the activities.  I like that they look forward to the routine. I won't be re-posting them on my sidebar anymore- something new is about to take their place.

However, I've compiled the whole year's worth of topics, activities, and lesson links in one post.  You can click on the button in the sidebar to go there and scroll down until you fine the month you are looking for.

I also have a button for free projects but it's not linked to anything yet- I hope to have a section with more freebie projects that either I create or ones that I find around the internet. If you have any other thoughts or ideas of what you'd like to see here- I'd appreciate your input.  Thanks!