Thursday, May 28, 2009

Of Green Desks and Good Husbands

I found this desk yesterday at a thrift store but couldn't put it in my car along with the kids. I put it on hold and hoped it'd be there later.  My dear husband agreed to stop by and see if it was still there.  It was so he picked it up for me -somehow fitting it in his little Camry.

After a good cleaning it fits perfectly in my studio as my computer desk.  I found that having a smaller computer desk keeps me from stacking papers all over- leaving my larger table clear for a workspace.  I LOVE this desk.  You should have seen me when he walked in the door with it. Giddy! It is a green enamel coated metal.  I think it's from around the 1930's deco period... possibly designed by Norman bel Geddes.  I found a few pieces on the internet that look similar.  It has one drawer, rounded corners, & a little built in bookshelf on the left side. Any furniture experts out there that could give me any more info?

My good husband is so great to help me bring home my finds. I know he would rather be doing other things, but puts up with my vintage thrifting addiction with good humor. Thanks honey!

P.S. My chair is another vintage thrifted find. What do you think- should I recover the seat or leave it as is?