Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coupon Guilt

I was checking out at the grocery store today and all around me people were whipping out their coupons. Me? Nope. Not a one. So the guilt sets in and here's why- I have a newspaper subscription just so I can get the coupons. Not only that, but my mom saves the coupons from her paper for me.  If you live by me you'll notice that each day there are between three and four papers still in my driveway. Most the time, they go from the driveway to the recycle can. So green, I know.  I'm wasting paper. I'm wasting the delivery persons fuel. Lovely.

But oh, the good deals I am missing! Oh, the sales I need to know about! Oh, prices I must compare! So I keep going.  I have good intentions. I have read all the couponing sites. I have bookmarked the sites that compare weekly ad prices with coupons that are available. I have a place in my house where the coupons go when/if they are rescued from the paper.  Sometimes I even cut and clip and sort. But that's usually where it stops.  Ack! Guilt! Coupon Failure!

So, lately I've been thinking that I should just cancel my paper and give up the couponing dream.  But then I'll read somewhere about how much money people are saving on their groceries or see people using coupons at the store (like today) and I feel like I'm a bad home economist for not participating.

Here are my "cons" for using coupons correctly:

1.  Not a lot of coupons for what I normally buy. I usually buy the cheapest recipe specific items I can find anyway.

2. TIME & patience- seriously it feels like a part-time job to use coupons- all the comparing, cutting, organizing, driving to different stores, etc...Yikes!

3.  Hummm. Can't think of a number three. But one and two are pretty much it in a nutshell anyway.

So, am I lame or what! Why is it so hard for me to do? Would a really cute coupon organizer help? So what do you think? Should I cancel my paper and admit defeat or keep going and figure out a way to make it work?

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