Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Mom-Two Wheels-Ten Extra Legs

This bike from Madsen Cycles reminds me of the book Bears on Wheels, by Jan and Stan Berenstain. The bucket has seats and seat belts for the littles. Notice the little patch of orange on the front wheel. Loving it.  I imagine this bike being riden home from the market filled with bags of fresh produce, baguettes, & a newspaper. Perhaps the rider has a scarf and big sunglasses. So classic!

There was a time a few years back when I had a four year old, three two year olds, and a newborn. I used to have nightmares that something would happen, a natural disaster or other emergency, that would require me quickly leaving without my car. Since only one of the five kids could walk well, it really caused me stress. I use to lie awake thinking up plans- what I'd take & how I'd get everyone out.

We had two different triplet strollers- one front to back and one side by side. The side by side triplet stroller was a jogger and it was awesome. I would put the four year old on the foot rest, the triplets in the seats, and carry my newborn in a snuggle carrier. I got some strange looks, but it worked!

I probably would have had to use this method to leave in a hurry. But I wouldn't have been able to take supplies with me as there wasn't a lot of cargo space in the jogger. The front to back triplet stroller was a pain to push and wouldn't have gotten us far on the little plastic wheels. I only used that for shopping or places where the jogger would be too wide to fit through doors.

This bike would have been perfect! I think the bucket only seats two but in an emergency and with a bike trailer- it would have worked.  I could have put two or three in the bike trailer, two in the bucket, plus some 72 hr. kits.