Thursday, March 05, 2009

Marta's Write Club

Have you seen Marta's Write Club? It's amazing. Hers was one of the first blogs I found and I've been amazed at her writing ever since (really it's a family thing and part of her DNA I think as practically her whole family writes incredible reads). I love this new series that she's started. She is encouraging people to write a little each day and gives a few writing prompts each week.

What I love is how perfect these prompts are to jump starting journaling. Sometimes it's hard to know what to write in a journal-especially when you feel like all you do is repeat your daily schedule like I've been apt to do. These prompts would be helpful to print out and keep in your journal to spark writing ideas.

Here are the three writing prompts from her week one:

01. describe your daily routine from sun up to sun down. use only nouns.
02. list your obsessions. what do you think about, obsess over, what types of things, ideas, ideals, plans, dreams, and hopes consume your mind? what are you known for? wearing red lipstick? write about that.
03. pick a year from your life. past or future. describe who you were, what you wore, what your problems were, what your biggest concern was, who you spent time with, who you dreamt of becoming, what you watched on tv, what type of shoes you wore, what you ate for lunch. dig deep and rediscover who you were then and who you are now

Aren't those fun? Love it!  Thanks Marta keep it coming!