Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Packin'

Packing lunches is not a fun job to do early in the morning. I have to make 5 lunches for the school kids and 1 lunch for hubby. Usually, I just go ahead and make the three remaining lunches at the same time. EIGHT lunches takes a long time and A LOT of food. As my kids get older, I'm amazed how much food we go through and we are not even into the teen years.

Have you seen the Bento style lunches? So amazing! Check out flickr for some amazing examples. There is even a great blog dedicated to Bento lunches: Lunch in a Box. I love the look of these lunches. I love that they don't use a zillion little plastic bags like mine currently do- not very green, I know. I'm looking for alternatives.

However, these lunches would take me ALL day to make and my kids would lose the fancy boxes the first day out. My imaginary self creates these stylish lunches for my kids. Real life me is lucky to get the lunches ready at all.

Usually the lunches I pack are pretty boring. Sandwich, veges, chips, fruit... Sometimes I'll send leftovers or get more creative. One of my kids favorites is breakfast for lunch. They buy milk at school and I pack the cereal, paper bowl, and spoon with fruit. Kind of fun!

Speaking of amazing lunches, have you seen the lunchbox notes from Just Something I Made.  Cathe goes all out! I'm sure these kids are the envy of the lunch table. I do little notes on holidays and birthdays but they are nothing like these.  Inspiring napkin art!

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