Friday, March 27, 2009

Flashback Friday

I love this photo of my first five little ones.  It was hard to get a shot with all of them looking at the camera. This is about the best we could do.  These five are all close in age and the baby in this photo is now as big as the triplets. In fact, people ask me if they are quads sometimes. They are either best of friends or horrible enemies. Fighting one minute and laughing and scheming together the next.  They all go to the same school now and it's fun to see them interacting with each other away from  home.

They are all great with baby number six- the now two year old. He goes around saying "best friends, forever" with his brothers and sisters and wants to tag along on all their adventures.  They usually obilige and he ends up being the center of their entertainment. I hope they remember to include him like this when they are all in high school and he's not.