Monday, February 09, 2009

Quote of the Week

I had a conversation last night. One of those motherhood gripe sessions where the complaints come easy, fast, and funny. Those are cathartic. They make you realize that you are not alone in the craziness of being a mom. You realize that other moms have to re-wash clean laundry a zillion times because instead of it being put away like you asked your dear ones, it's shoved to the bottom of the basket where it's then contaminated by the dirty laundry on top of it. You realize that you are not the only mom whose hair brushes, clothes, art supplies, sewing scissors, etc... all mysteriously get broken, lost, or left for the dog to chew.

It got me thinking. It's SO easy to come up with all the hard things about being a mom... what are the good things? What do I LOVE about being a mom? That's a little harder to put into words. I mean, I LOVE my kids and the little people that they are. That's a given. But what do I LOVE about the job of motherhood? HUMMM. Not rollin out the answers as quickly...

I've got a challenge for you- want to hear it? First find yourself a blank journal or notebook. Then, from now until Mother's Day take a minute or two each day to write something that happened in your day relating to being a MOM that made you smile, touched your spirit, made you laugh out loud, etc... the only rule really is only GOOD things relating to the job of motherhood.

I'm thinking some days we might have to get creative with the entries--- but hopefully by Mother's Day 2009 we'll each have a little Motherhood Journal to re-visit and read on the hard days.

The quote above is for your to print out, stick on your fridge, and remember that you are doing the MOST important job of all. Click to enlarge and then print it out!