Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taming the Laundry Shrew

I have been on a never ending quest to tame my wild laundry for years. It's really out of control here. There's always piles or clean laundry in my room to be folded (how romantic), piles of dirty laundry in the hall to be washed (thanks kids), and piles of socks unmatched everywhere else (so convenient).

Luckily, an amazingly talented Copper Canyon Design team (Hi Jeff & Nic) came over and built some shelves and a counter top in my closet of a laundry room. We got a stacking washer and dryer just to make the space available for this. Hooray!

Now comes the organization part. My friend Brooke has a great system. She has a basket for each of her kids and each time she folds laundry it goes right into their basket. Once a week the full baskets get put away by the kids. Now that I have shelves and a folding center, I'm trying this out! I've just got to get caught up on the enormous pile that currently exists.

Update: The photo above is not my laundry room, it's about 10 times bigger than mine. But, I love mine just the same! It's just too piled with laundry to take a picture...

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