Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Logo Test

What makes a great logo? Here are three things to consider when designing a logo. Put your logo to the test, how does it hold up?

1. Simple- Can you photocopy your logo in black and white and still read it correctly? Can you make a black only version and have it still work? Is it adaptable to all types of applications- print, web, embroidery even?

2.  Scalable- How does your logo look really small and really big? How about upside down? Check all angles to avoid embarrassing secondary images that may come across. 

3.  Unique- Does your logo stand apart from a page of text? Is it memorable? Does it portray your company in it's best light? Is your logo relevant but not obvious? My favorite logos are the ones that keep you coming back for more.  For my non-designer friends, check out the FedEx logo... do you see the arrow in between the E and X- the arrow representing movement & direction- cool,  huh?

So how'd your logo do?

FedEx logo designed by Lindon Leader.

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