Friday, December 12, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

Our 12 days celebration is starting tonight. This year, we are focusing on the Nativity story. One element of the story will be talked about each morning or night as we eat our meal on our fancy dishes. Here are the topics along with the little accompanying gifts or activities:

12. Decree- notcards for the kids to send out
11. Tax- a little leather pouch w/ $1 in coins inside
10. Mary & Joseph- a little Mary doll found at the dollar store and a woodworking tool.  Any other ideas for this one?
9. Journey- a small tote bag
8. Bethlehem- means "house of bread" mini loaves of bread
7. Inn- since there was no room in the Inn, the kids won't have rooms tonight and will sleep in front of the fireplace.
6. Animals- animal crackers -any better ideas?
5. Shepherds- candy cane shepherd crooks
4. Angels- carol singing 
3. Star- night lights
2. Wisemen- chocolate gold coins and perfume or cologne
1. Jesus Christ- Picture frame box w/ picture of Christ in the lid.  Inside we'll write a gift to give the Savior this year.