Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Celebration of NieNie Day!

As you probably know, Design Mom, Gabrielle Blair has declared today "NieNie Day" across blogland.  Silent Auctions are taking part all over the internet with proceeds going to the Nielsens recovery fund.

I found this 1961 Edition of  Teen Guide to Homemaking a few months ago and immediately thought of Stephanie. Even though I've never met her in person, I decided she should have this book.  It's full of vintage goodness that I think she'd approve of. I haven't had a chance to send it off yet.   

In light of the recent events, I decided to take part in Design Mom's challenge and auction it off for her recovery fund. So, the auction will start now and end Monday (September 1, 2008) at 12:00 am MST. Bids start at $5.00 and will be accepted in full dollar increments.  Just enter a comment with your bid amount. All proceeds will go directly from you to the recovery fund. After you send me the PayPal receipt of your donation, I'll send you the book . . . Please leave your email address in your comment so I can contact you.

If you have questions about the book, let me know. Thanks for your support!