Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yoga for Kids

My kids have had the opportunity to practice a little bit of Yoga in their school gym classes and they have all loved it!  I helped out at one of their yoga classes. After it was done- all the kids were in the relaxation pose, quiet, meditative . . .  it was amazing. I wish they'd incorporate it into their daily curriculum.  

My sister-in-law just posted a great post about yoga for kids on her yoga blog.  It's perfect for this month's Health and Fitness theme.  My kids get out of school on Friday and we hope to fit a little bit of this into our routine and then continue it right on through to the new school year. 

Thanks Ada for putting this all together!  If anyone you know lives in the Springville area- go to Adabelle's yoga classes.  She is so great and works with all levels.