Thursday, May 15, 2008

Monthly Themes

Each month we have a family theme.  I thought I'd share them with you.  Each month, I'll post our monthly theme and some ideas to go along with it on the sidebar of this blog.  The first Sunday of the month, we have a devotional where we have a lesson about the topic, learn a song to go with it, and the kids draw pictures that represent the theme.  We hang these pictures in frames in our family room to remind us of our topic. All month long we do activities that center around the theme.  It's a fun way to teach different topics and the kids love it.  Some months are more organized than others, but posting about it will help me to try some more creative things.


Theme: Order & Goals
Song: I will follow God's plan for me
Graham Crackers, Grapes, and Goals
My Goals
Reaching Your Goal
Goal Setting for Kids
Goal Setting
8 Tips to Organize Kids' Rooms


Have a goal setting night.  Everyone makes goals. Make a craft to remind yourself of your goals such as a mobile, picture frame, scrapbook, etc...

Family clean out: when putting away Christmas decorations and gifts, take the time to organize and clean before putting anything back.

Family calendaring night. Buy or make a calendar for the family. Go through and add birthdays, holidays, and other important dates. Decide on your family schedule for the year.


Theme: Love
Song: Love at Home
The Love Drawer
Love at Home
Did I tell you?
Three Principles of Marriage
Bringing out the Best in Marriage


Play a family trivia guessing game. Mom and Dad's Anniversary is what date? Grandpa's full name is? Which child collects rocks? etc...

Have a heart hunt. Hide clues around the house for each child to lead them to a special box containing a treat and a love note from parents.

Bake and take valentine cookies to friends.

Make handmade valentines to send to grandparents.


Theme: Talents
Song: Every Star is Different
The Parable of the Talents
Saturday Morning Cartoons
Every Good Gift
The Talent Show
Talents Game
Lacy's Talent


Hold a discovery night at the library. Have each member find books about a subject that interests them.

Play the talent game above.

Hold a family talent auction and bid on products or services created by family members.

Hold a family talent show.


Theme: Easter & The Resurrection
Song: He is Risen
He Lives!
Why we Rejoice- an Easter Program
The Meaning of Easter
The Victory over Death
Testimony of Easter Program


Bring Easter Lilies to graves and discuss the Resurrection

Hold a Sunrise Service

Prepare a traditional Passover Seder Menu

Do a 12 days of Easter with symbols of Easter

Easter evening take a Walk with Jesus


Theme:  Family History
Song: A Happy Family
Your Fascinating History
Gobo Fango
Family Treasures
The Story Quilt
Daniel's Dilema


Make a family tree either on paper or 3d- you could gather copies of photos of your family members and tie them to the branches of an indoor tree or gathering of sticks. Put a story or facts about each person on the back of the photo.

Watch family movies and look at old pictures. Family movie night with the members as the stars. Give tickets, pop popcorn, the whole deal.

Have a family treasure hunt to find items of meaning or that have been passed down in your home. Look through old trunks, the attic, the basement, etc...

Hold a "When I was your age" night with a fact, match, or trivia game about the members of the family- grandparents, parents, cousins, etc...


Theme: Health and Fitness
Song: For Health and Strength
Running Away from it All
Keeping Physically Fit
Focusing on Family Fitness
My Busy Body
Nutrition for the Family
Take Care
Physical Health
Staying Healthy


Go on a family walk or hike together.
Create a backyard obstacle course.
Learn a new sport together.
Have a kids cooking class- learn to plan and prepare a healthy meal.
Attend a sporting event.


Theme: Patriotism and Pioneers
Song: America the Beautiful
Declaration of Dependence: Teaching Patriotism in the Home
Patriotism Quiz
Wise Men Raised Up
The Constitution-A Glorious Standard
Pioneers Are Still Needed
A Priceless Heritage


Hold or attend an early morning flag ceremony.

Have a colors of your flag dinner where all the items eaten are red, white, or blue.

Learn the Pledge of Allegiance.

Have a campfire dinner and tell pioneer stories.

Hold a pioneer party and play pioneer games such as stick pull and three legged race. Make pioneer toys such as a handkerchief doll and whirligig.

Visit historic pioneer sites.

Hold a mini trek- decorate wagons and pull them to a park for a picnic.


Theme: Knowledge and Learning
Song: Fun to Do ( Replace the action phrases in the song for those with an educational theme such as: learning to read, writing yoru name, reading a book, going to school, etc...)
Seek Learning
Where is Wisdom?
Education for Real Life
Do What they think you Can't Do
Let Learning Lift You
Do You Think I Can Fit in Your Seat?
A Lesson in Learning
First Day of School


Go to the Library

Tour a University

Have a Read-A-Thon

Hold a learning game night- play games such as Scrabble, Boggle, Sudoku, etc . . .

Organize your home for the new school year & go school supply shopping

Make book covers, bookmarks, or other back to school crafts


Theme: Emergency Preparedness
Song: Today, while the sun shines
Family Emergency Planning
Ready.Gov for kids
Fema: Are you ready?
Red Cross Prepare Your Home and Family
Code Red Rover
Sparky the Fire Dog


Pack 72 hr. kits or go through and update the ones you have

Make a family emergency plan then compile a binder with all the information you discuss. Add items such as phone numbers & addresses

Play "What would you do if. . ." charades with kids acting out topics such as hearing the smoke alarm, someone is choking, a parent is hurt, etc . . .

Hold a first aid clinic- give each child a pack of band-aids to keep and use for themselves

Take your family shopping to add a few items to your food storage


Theme: Harvest and Halloween
Song: It's Autumntime
The Law of the Harvest: Channeling your Creativity
Sharing the Harvest


Go apple picking then learn to can or preserve your harvest

Do a Harvest or Halloween craft activity:
Craft projects from 
Design Mom's Halloween Plates
Amy Atlas Halloween Party via Junior Society  
Vintage Halloween Party via Cookie 
Inspiration and projects via My Happy Little Life

Go to a corn maze

Go on a drive to view the fall leaves

Pick and carve pumpkins

Prep your garden for next spring

Plant flower bulbs


Theme: Gratitude and Thankfulness
Song: For Thy Bounteous Blessings
Gratitude and Thanksgiving
Live in Thanksgiving Daily
Gratitude a Path to Happiness
We Thank Thee
A Celebration of Gratitude


Make stationery and then write thank-you notes to people who serve you: mail carrier, bus driver, teacher, police officer, fire fighter, etc . . .

Create a gratitude journal and write or draw something every day that you are thankful for

Make a Gratitude Turkey.  Take turns saying what you are grateful for. Put more feathers on your turkey for each persons turn.

Be thankful for your blessings and bless the lives of other by donating your outgrown clothes and toys to charity.

Play some gratitude building games- some free samples found HERE


Theme: Charity and Christmas
Song: Any Christmas Carols
Charity Christmas
A Pattern of Love
What is Christmas?
Christmas Gifts, Christmas Blessings
The Real Christmas
Joy to the World
Teaching Children Charity


Note:  December is filled with fun activities and Christmas parties and traditions. Here are a few ideas for activities related to Charity:

Do a 12 days of Christmas for a family in your neighborhood.

Do a pre-Christmas toy-clean out and have kids donate their unused toys.

Participate in food or toy drives- have kids use their own money to buy their donations or do extra jobs to earn their donations.

Write Christmas cards for servicemen and women overseas or missionaries away from home.