Monday, April 07, 2008

A few things that are lost WAY TO OFTEN in our house: a post about life with triplet daughters

1. LEFT SHOES.  You'd think with triplets they'd manage to at least lose opposing shoes so we'd be left with one complete pair.  Not the case.  Next time you see my girls, check their shoes.  It's always fun to see what they manage to come up with.

2. TOOTHBRUSHES.  To be fair, sometimes these aren't lost.  Just left in the yard, toilet, dog bowl, and other places that render them useless in the time of need.
3. CUTE CLOTHES.  If I buy something new (as opposed to second hand shop, hand-me downs, or the like) I usually go with all matching.  It's much easier for me to just grab three of something cute rather than finding three equally cute but different items.  There is sometimes two color versions of cute items but rarely three.  So, it REALLY is annoying when after spending money on purchasing said cute items.  ONE set always gets lost.  
4. HOMEWORK.  Having three kids in the same grade at school is a bit crazy.  Luckily they are in the same class this year.  Last year they were on separate tracks and different classes. Even with this great advantage, we can hardly ever find all the paper, bits of yarn, coloring pages, reading cards, and little baggies filled with "complete this at home" items.   This results in little notes being sent home by well meaning teachers reminding me of my duties as a parent. So fun!
5.  HAIR ACCESSORIES.  Don't think I don't notice all of your little girls hair accessories without a bit of envy.  The girls have usually lost any bow, ribbon, or clip I have put into their hair even before they get to school.   I have given up on the cute hair accessories. Now I just hope I can get a comb through it before they are off.  
Well, that's all for now.  There's much more.  But I can't find it.