Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fun in Arizona

While Len was at a CLE for work, I got to tag a long and spend some time in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was SO fun. Thanks to everyone who helped watch my kids!

We landed in Phoenix and rented our car and proceeded to drive the opposite way from Scottsdale. We were following a map the whole time. However, we missed a turn off and ended up halfway to Tucson. We finally figured it out, turned around and got to Scottsdale. The weather was great and perfect temperature (although they thought it was a cold snap). It was mid 60's during the day, sunny, and bright! One thing I noticed is how CLEAN all of the cars were. Every car we passed was shiny and clean. Something very different from here with all the snow and road salt to dirty up our automobiles.

I loved seeing the orange and lemon trees just off the side of the roads bursting with oranges. How fun would that be!

One of my FAVORITE parts was touring the Frank Lloyd Wright home/school Taliesin West. I loved how all the design elements worked together with the area and how they repeated themselves throughout the whole campus. So FUN for me!

Also got to go to dinner with the Osborn family. Aunt Leslie and Uncle Barry, Liz, Darlene and Dave were able to come. It was fun to visit with them. I tried to talk them into starting blogs so we can keep up better with the fam in Arizona! They didn't seem too enthused about the idea though.

It made me READY for spring.  Too bad we still have feet and feet of snow and more coming almost every day!