Monday, December 20, 2010

Free Printable 2011 Year Calendar

Merry Christmas! I hope your holidays are wonderful and filled with good memories. My gift to all of you dear readers is a new calendar for 2011.  The one I made last year was so handy. I had it tacked to my magnet board behind my desk and referred to it all the time. I hope you like this year's version.

If you'd like to download this calendar for your own personal use (or to give as gifts- just don't sell them) right click (pc) or option click (mac) on this link: [FREE 5x7 2011 Year Calendar PDF] and save it to your desktop. Then you should be able to print it out on some cardstock. Trim it up and you are good.

Not that I've been around blogging a lot lately, but I'll be blogging even less till the new year. Then I've got an announcement... something I've been working on trying to finish for a while now. I figure if I announce it here. It will make me stick to my deadline.

I have a few extra printed versions of the calendar postcard. If you want one, email me your address and I'll send one out. 

Have a fabulous holiday season and a great new year!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm still here-

Just finding it hard to get everything done lately. But– I have a gift for you on Monday so come back then to pick it up. Hope your holiday season is going fabulous!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Finished: First Marathon

We did it! Since we weren't able to run the St. George Marathon like we wanted because I got strep. We found a substitute race to complete our goal. The Mesquite Marathon was held a little over a week ago and was such an amazing experience. My sister in law ran with us and although we took a long time to finish- we did it.  To go from not really running at all a year ago to finishing all 26.2 miles was such a journey.

We started out last January with a 5k training program then moved right on to the full marathon training schedule.  We used the Jeff Galloway method which is a run/walk system for injury free running. I am so grateful for it. If we hadn't have stumbled on his site, I don't think I would have even tried the marathon.  It's still HARD. But being able to take scheduled 1 minute walk breaks throughout the run really helps mentally and physically. If you've ever wanted to try running but were afraid you should definitely check out the Galloway Method. It's awesome.

The Mesquite Marathon course took us through 3 states. We started out in great weather. A little overcast and just the right temp for distance running in my opinion. Cool but not freezing. About 5 or 6 miles into the run, it started to really get windy and started to rain. The rain stopped about 10 minutes later but the wind stayed with us the entire time. Right into our faces. We checked out the reports after and discovered that winds were an average of 35 miles an hour with gusts up to 50 miles an hour. No wonder it felt like we were being blown away! We were!

We were having a blast up until about mile 13. Talking and laughing and having a great time. Then we rounded the curve in the road and hit our first major hill. Wow! Unbelievably hard. I kept singing over and over the Mindy Gledhill lyrics from Whole Wide World: 

"I'm gonna run right up this hill
Summer sky or winter chill
If I gotta take a break I will
But I'm gonna run right up this hill"

From then on, the talking and laughing was greatly subdued. We were exhausted with the wind and the extra effort it put on us.  But we kept going. We ran through some beautiful scenery along old Highway 91. Stopping at the aid stations for Gatorade and water and running gels- yuck I don't like gels but they help a ton.

We all brought bottles of peppermint essential oil in our bags and doused it on our legs every chance we had. I love peppermint oil for running. Wow. It made such a difference. Zings your legs and joints back to life. We also had the aid station people say we were the best smelling runners :) We had rolling hills and some big climbs for about the next 7 miles. Ugh. That was hard.

Finally, we round the corner into Mesquite and get excited that we are getting close. We are one the main street that takes us right to the finish. But then, Just Kidding, the course takes twists and turns all through some Mesquite neighborhoods. The last 6 miles of this race were SO HARD! I think just mentally having to wind around and backtrack was horrible. Note to race planners- don't do that! Start us farther up to get in the miles in! When I saw that city I just wanted to be done.

The last mile of the race was so emotional. My Brother-in-law met us with his family to cheer us on. That made such a difference seeing them. This is when the tears started. And a lot of prayer. Crossing that finish line and knowing we did it was so amazing.

I keep running the course over and over in my head but it feels like a dream. I also keep thinking of all the life lessons that I learned from training for and running this marathon. If you ever want to live a metaphor for life, run a marathon.

Some of my life lessons:

•It's okay to start small- The first run of just one mile that was so hard lead up to a full marathon.
•Preparation and the day to day mundane are so important to the final race- Sometimes I want to just skip to the main event and forget that it's all the little things that make it happen.
•Stop along the way- The aid station volunteers were so cheerful and encouraging. Just having them every so often was great. I think we all need time at aid stations in real life too. Little breaks to stop and refresh and renew.
•Think positive and try hard things- Telling myself I could do it was probably the most important thing I did.
•Surround yourself with good company that inspire you to go further- Running with my husband and sister-in-law was so great. I didn't want to let them down and they kept up the positive pressure to keep  going.
•Handle the Hills- you can't go around them or skip them. You have to go right up them. But they became easier when I remembered what people had told me about running hills: lean forward, don't look too far ahead, and take small steps.  When I did this, before long I was at the top. I think the same is true with trials in life. Head straight into them. Don't freak yourself out by looking too far forward at how long you have to go and the small step forward adds up and before you know it- you'll be done.

There are a lot more and I'm sure everyone can draw their own personal parallels. What an adventure! I guess the question is will I do this again? YES! And so can you.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Quote of the Week

Sending loves and hugs to everyone who has mountains to climb right now. I wish you the best and a spectacular view when you get to the top.  And I know you will get there. One foot in front of the other. One step at a time.

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Friday, November 05, 2010

New Use: Deer Head Ornament to Wall Art

I had these elements sitting on my craft table for months and I couldn't resist putting them together into a quirky bit of art for our wall. My mother would cringe. But I'm quite fond of my little project. The deer head started life as a Christmas ornament- I found it in a thrift store, cut off the shank, and painted it white. The wood plaque, pattern, and doily all were thrifted too. All purchased the same day. It was their destiny to come together I tell you.

Add a little Mod Podge and Glue the bits together and I've got myself a mini mounted deer head. I'm going to be on the lookout for more deer head stuff this holiday season.  I think a whole collection of different sized mini mounts in different papers would look pretty awesome together.

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Clip Art Home Decor

I love all the clip art in the latest Anthropology catalog. It's so funky. How cool would a mobile be with some clip art mounted onto foam board? Must try it. I especially love the idea of the [frames on page 29] shown above.  I made a simple version for one of my walls using some clip art frames that I enlarged and printed on sticker paper.  Fun stuff!

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fabric Letter Magnets

I love these fabric letters from The Daily B.  Wouldn't a set of these be such a cute Christmas gift for a preschooler? Shower gift? Birthday gift? Teacher gift? She just free formed her letters with felt in between and added a small magnet inside then sewed them up. You could also use a stencil for a pattern & could even probably do a no-sew version using fusable iron-on tape. Great way to use up fun fabric scraps. LOVE!

via ohdeedoh

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Monday, November 01, 2010

Mini Print: Gratitude

Happy November! I made a couple of mini prints to celebrate this month of thanksgiving and gratitude. Both are 5x7 PDF's.  Right-click (pc) or option-click (mac) on the links below if you you'd like to download & print them off for your own use. The [numbers mini print] is just a reminder to count your blessings. The [gratitude in every breath mini print] could be used as a journal page and the white space filled in with small things you are grateful for during the month. Enjoy!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

Are you getting ready for a fun & spooky weekend? Us too.  Here's a few things that might show up at our house this year:

A Spooky Mirror

Spooky Shadow Makers

Halloween Printables

Mummy Meatloaf

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Have you seen the vintage bus scroll art around the blog world? It was my turn to post a design project over on the Good Look Cookbook today.  I use the bus scrolls as inspiration for a fun family art poster. Check it out!

image via

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crocheted Bracelets

My Grandma used to crochet covers for glass jars. I have a few that she has given me- love them! This project from Second Sister is a fun variation on that idea.  Crocheting covers for bracelets and hoop earrings would be a fun project for Christmas gifts. Check out her site for directions and a supply list- looks like it uses basic stitches and materials. Fun idea!

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